Clockwerk Calamity

Brain child of Tom Richter and Krystal Frazee, Clockwerk Calamity chronicles the exploits of wandering gun dealer Dillon Kincade and his encounters with U.S. Marshal Evelyn Hayes in Calamity, the city of the future. Set in 1881 Calamity is a high tech steam powered marvel of innovation and invention, but no city is complete without intrigue and adventure. Clockwerk Calamity is Wild West Steampunk at it’s finest.

Clockwerk Calamity is a project currently in development. As of right now releasing the first book, which will be roughly 50 pages in length, is unlikely to be published any sooner than late summer 2013. In reality it may not come out till later in the year, but we’re doing what we can to get this book out into eager hands as soon as possible. Until then enjoy “Brawl at Blackwater” and “City of the Future “ as an introduction and prelude to the first book written by Tom Richter. Be warned, however, as the story contains descriptions of adult situations not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Here’s some concept art to tantalize you until we can drop some more in the coming weeks.