We pulled a double header this past weekend, doing Chico’s Blues and Muse at Both Play by Play Pub in Redford, and The City Coffeehouse in Allen Park. It was a pretty mixed bag, with a decent turn out both nights. Unfortunately Howard Glazer wasn’t able to make it to the coffee house, so we had no PA Saturday night, not to mention the main act never showed. There are a few pictures up over at the Blues and Muse website, with videos and more photos to come soon.

We also did our first live stream at the Coffee House which you can check out here. The live thing is going to take a few times to get it all ironed out, but I think it went fairly well for our first go around. Before next time we plan on putting an intro, and maybe some ending credits, together ahead of time. This should enhance the quality of our show quite a bit down the line.

Next show in the line up is 5/28 at Play by Play Pub.