I’ve finally pulled the videos of the young lady who dropped in at the ass end of our last outing at The City Coffeehouse. As soon as they finish encoding they will be finding themselves new homes all across the internets. As far as Chico’s Blues and Muse goes we’ve dropped one of our regular dates at Play by Play Pub for the foreseeable future. Between the lack of bringing in a crowd and having trouble booking performers who willing to work for peanuts, Chico felt he ought to focus on a single night and maybe pick up a second night once the first one starts drawing a crowd.

In other news Dan and I will be finishing up the school year shortly. What does that mean for Rogue Bard Media? Well to be honest we haven’t figured out exactly what we’re going to do to keep ourselves busy for the summer. We’re kicking around a few ideas at the moment though, and once a decision is made we’ll be sure to pass the word along to our readers. Assuming we have readers.

Seriously is anyone even reading this?