Well folks we did it. Someone over at PAHnation liked our treatment enough to take us in as one of the six teams competing in this years Motown edition of the PAHfest. What does that mean? Well it means us folks here at Rogue Bard Media will be running around like chickens with our heads cut off and cameras in our hands trying to shoot and edit a 6 minute short in the space of four days. Should be interesting.

It also means for the next week and a half before the competition proper begins we have to nail down our cast, locations, props, and anything else we can get done ahead of time. Which isn’t a lot, but it will be hectic.

Incase you’re wondering what we entered here’s the treatment we submitted.

An estimated 39 million people are survivors of childhood sexual assault. 30-40% of sexually assaulted children were victimized by a family member. If these numbers weren’t shocking enough, research suggests that less than 10% of all sexual assault against children is ever reported.

Dark Clouds is the story of a girl, a boy, and an irrational fear of storm clouds. Her boyfriend does everything in his power to keep her out of the rain while searching for the cause of her fear. He never suspects that the answer is lurking behind the shame in her father’s eyes. When the clouds part and the truth comes to light, the girl must cope with long suppressed memories and betrayal.

39 million survivors. Who counts the ones who turned to suicide?