Over the last few days I’ve added around 30 new videos from Chico’s Blues and Muse over the last few months. There’s also a few from Maxwell’s that got overlooked but they’re up there now. I’ve got a small stack of tapes from Carly Keyes show at Jacoby’s last weekend that I probably won’t get a chance to go through until after the PAH fest craziness and the Pontiac Creative Arts Center kick off. All and all we have been keeping pretty busy.

I think one of my first priorities after PAH Fest is going to be to start doing a regular vlog with Dan on a weekly basis. It’ll give us a chance to sit down and really discuss what we’re working on with each other, while putting the information out into the hands of viewers/readers. We’ve got a lot of ideas floating around right now and we’re really just trying to decide on what to pursue in which directions, buckle down, and get to it.