It’s late, I’ve been up for 20 hours the majority of which has been spent editing this monster. Good news is it’s don’t, unless of course I watch it again, because I will inevitably find something to refine just a few frames further if I stare at it long enough. We’re waiting for our composer to deliver our score, which is going to be ultra fly judging by what we heard earlier tonight.

We have exactly 12 hours before we hit deadline, so I think there is plenty of time to get the music and plug that shit in.

Tomorrow night after pulling this all night-er we will be off to the Creative Arts Center in Pontiac to cover Chico’s Blues and Muse in a brand spanking new venue. I’m not sure who is lined up for that, but the house will no doubt be rocked.

Sunday evening at 7:00 pm in Madonna’s Kresge hall PAH Fest will come to a close, including the judging of the various contests that have been running this week. I don’t even care if we win, I’m just glad we put together a great entry that I finally think it reel worthy material.