The Nommo poetry series has become a regular outing for Dan and I. Really it should come as no surprise considering the caliber of talent gathered into the confines of Kuumba’s Cove every Tuesday night. Even though the subject matter is similar the way things are written are so completely different from Detroit poets than what you’d hear from suburb kids. When discribing it to other people I usually explain it in the following way. “You doin’t get that whiny emo shit down in Detroit. It may still be about a bad break up, but instead of “My heart bleeds because you’ve left me” you get “Fuck that trifling hoe.”

For those of you who don’t know. Nommo takes place at Kuumba’s Cove which is a place set up expressly with the purpose of promoting local artists. For a ridiculously low fee of $50 per year they will display and sell your artwork for you.