We are now working with Awakenings Movement in their production of a six part message series titled, “Impossible is Nothing.” By combining live theater, video, and musical performances, the goal of “Impossible is Nothing” is to show that with belief in god anything is possible.

We more or less fell into this project when their regular cinematographer fell through. Our part consists primarily of shooting ad editing the pre-recorded video segments, though we will likely end up recording the live portions as well. I don’t know if we will be compiling this into some sort of package for sale somewhere down the line or not.

Reinforcing the “Impossible is Nothing” story lead pastor Diallo Smith follows each weeks segments with scripture that relates directly to each weeks theme. So far it’s off to a good start and it’s likely we’ll be involved in more productions along these lines in conjunction with Awakenings in the future.

“Impossible is Nothing” is written and directed by Diallo’s brother, Kamal Smith, who we will be working with closely in the coming weeks to shoot the video portions remaining five segments.