Okay so the last two weeks have pretty much been a whirlwind of activity for Dan and I. With so much going on I completely forgot to write anything about any of it. If you’re not looking for a long read, go have a look at this instead of continuing.

First of all I should explain that Dan and I have been students of the Digital Media Production program at the William D. Ford Career Technical Center for the last few years. The class is a two year program that consists of a semester of photography, a semester of video production, and the following year you basically pick one of the two as your focus and run with it from there. There’s just one catch. The instructor is woefully ill suited for teaching the video portion of the class and has led to no shortage of me butting heads with him over some of the things he’s telling his students. At the beginning of this semester, which is my last semester with the course he turned to me and, knowing full well that the class has been a walk in the park for me, asks “What am I going to do with you this semester?” My answer was simple and straight forward. “In two weeks time I will have all my assignments completed for the semester. After that I’m teaching video to the first year students who are just starting video.” Not surprisingly he relied, “Okay, let me know what you need.” Since then I’ve been doing my best to get more hands on with all the students working on video, and I intend to cover a lot of material that anyone serious about video needs to know, that the teacher, sadly, doesn’t know or glosses over. Let’s just say Monday and Wednesday nights just got a lot busier for me, but the quality of these students work is about to take a leap in quality over the students of years past.

Last week as part of our partnership with Kuumba’s Cove, we photographed over one hundred and fifty pieces of artwork in various forms which will soon be posted on their Facebook page. All of this artwork is for sale, including several of my photographs and a few drawings and paintings by Krystal who will soon be officially joining the Rogue Bard Media team. Kuumba’s Cove is a great little spot that showcases Detroit area artists and offers their work for sale without soul sucking fees and percentages. Also we did a commercial for them.

On Saturday the 12th we went out to AJ’s Cafe in Ferndale where we shot a documentary about Operation Valentines Day with director Tim Jeffrey of The Jeffrey Porch. Operation Valentines Day was a fundraiser organized by some great people whose goal was to collect supplies(toiletries, snack foods, and other basic stuff) well as Valentines for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and raise funds to send those things to them. Apparently it’s very difficult for soldiers to get even the most basic day to day items that they need over there. AJ’s was packed all night with people enjoying good food, good music, and giving whatever they could to support the troops overseas. No matter what your politics are, you can’t deny it’s shameful that our troops can’t reliably get basic necessities in the field.

A little over a month ago we started working with the Detroit branch of Awakenings Movement to produce videos for message series, as well as video recaps of the weekly services. Also we’ve been taking a lot of photo’s of the services as well. The first video part of the current three part message series “Love and Logic” can be seen here. Yesterday we went over to the Wayne State University campus with John Bell to ask students there about Love and Sacrifice. If you want to see what they had to say come out to Awakenings at 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning and check it out. Or wait till it goes up on Facebook. Either way it’s some good stuff.

You may remember back in January we entered the Mofilm contest and posted a link that didn’t actually take you to our video. Well I still can’t link you to it, but I can link you to the video that took first place. The winners definitely deserved to beat us out for first place, but as of right now there are four runners up slots that are unannounced so there’s still a chance we’ll walk away with something for our troubles. Regardless of our defeat we will likely be teaming up with Mike again to enter future Mofilm competitions and other film festivals over the course of the year.

Okay time to take a breather. I think I covered more or less everything from the last few weeks. The weather seems to be taking a turn for the warm so we may actually start shooting “Can’t Get No Play” soon. With any luck we’ll actually get it all shot and ready to go by the end of June.