As prophesied the videos from Emilio Basa’s feature at Nommo back in January are finally up for consumption on facebook.

Topic – Patriotism and Terrorism, Emilio Basa (Part one), Emilio Basa (Part two), I Art, Prostell and Mo, Daune, Prostell, Mo, and Ayin, and finally Shaun Moore Bey.

Enjoy them all. I know I did. Also up are part one, and part two, of the Love and Logic message series we’ve been working on in conjunction with Awakenings Movement. The first is an interview with two sisters who are best friends and love each other so much they have never had a fight with each other in their lives. The second features local Detroit comedian John Bell as he stalks students on the Wayne State campus and asks them what they think of when they hear the words love and sacrifice. Both are an interesting watch, as is the final segment which will be available for viewing at Awakenings this Sunday during the regular services, and then on-line afterward. I’m going to try and compile the entire mixed media Love and Logic message series at some point, as well as putting together the Impossible is Nothing message series that came before it in the near future.

I don’t know what the next message series is called, but I do know the video portion we produce is going to be a whole new bunch of challenges, and hopefully funny as hell. I may have something  juicy ready to show tomorrow on that front.