Today we will be shooting the next message series for Awakenings  Movement “According to Jimmy.” I used this as an excuse to dive head first into Adobe After Effects, and, while it does have a pretty big learning curve, I now have a pretty good grasp on the basics. I don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a look at what I put together as part of this three part series.

Hopefully we can pull the key for this without too much trouble. We haven’t had a ton of success in that area in the past, but this time we have better lighting and more space to shoot in so we should be able to pull it off without too much trouble. This series is written by Diallo Smith, cultural architect of the Detroit branch of Awakenings Movement. Check back Sunday night to see the first episode of “According to Jimmy” or see it Sunday morning at Awakenings, (227 Iron St. in Detroit).

We’ve also posted a casting call on Craig’s List to fill two roles for our upcoming series “Can’t Get No Play.” Check it out and if you know someone who might be interested pass it along.

Oh yeah, a ton of new pictures here, here, and here.