Blues and Muse is coming up this Saturday and the last of the videos from the last one are encoding as I types these words. Once this post is complete I’m going to begin putting them up on youtube for general consumption by the public. My goal is to get to work on Saturdays Blues and Muse videos immediately following Awakenings Movement on Sunday and have them all finished by Monday night. I really need to get into a schedule of editing all the things we’re shooting on a regular basis.

We’re working on putting together a music video for “Zoom Gali Gali” by Daune Smith, the wonderful curator or Kuumba’s Cove. If you click that link above the song is after she reads the poem. The plan, as of right now, is to crowd fund the whole thing. Which means of course that we will be reliant entirely upon our friends, family, and the three loyal fans we have, to fund this monster of a project. This is something both Daune and I have been kicking around independently since about September and as soon as we realized we both had the same idea I started putting things into motion. Assuming we can raise the money to do it, we should have the whole thing done sometime in the summer. Hopefully at least. For now all I can really say is THERE WILL BE PUPPETS.

I think we all know how awesome puppets are and how much we enjoy them here at Rogue Bard Media.