It’s Monday, which means it’s time to extol the exploits of this passed weekend.

First of all we kicked off the “I Am Mission” message series at Awakenings this week by talking with Dameon Gabriel about his childhood hero, HE-MAN. HE-MAN is in all caps because if it isn’t it looks even sillier than it already does. The video was pretty well received even though it had a few minor issues, such as music drowning out dialogue a little at one point. These things happen when you have to do a rush job during production. We’re really trying to shoot these things in advance so I’m not still working out the kinks at 3am the night before it’s going live, but so far it hasn’t worked out that way.

Saturday we worked out a deal to produce  a fitness video for Diesel Boot Camp, which we’ll be shooting next Saturday and putting up for sale in the not too distant future. We had the opportunity to observe just a small segment of the work out and from what we saw it looked pretty intense. I know Daune was completely worn out, and it was only a ten minute warm up. The client is extremely confident they will sell like crazy, so it should end up being a pretty lucrative deal.

Blues and Muse was also on Saturday at it’s new home the Gosse Ile Pilot House. The turn out was pretty light most of the night, but near the end of the night a whole wedding party came in and even paid the band to play for an extra hour. The Dale Robertson Blues Band did an excellent job of rocking the house, as did Tim Mies and Keegan who also played a quick set. Videos will be up on our Youtube channel tomorrow.