Rogue Bard Media, in conjunction with the Digital Media Production night class at the William D. Ford Career Technical Center, has embarked on a crazy adventure spanning the next two months. Between now and June 8th we will be writing, shooting, and editing an entire feature length production.

Yes you read that correctly. A feature length production from initial concept to completion in under two months. Well, that’s not entirely accurate, the final finished product will probably take a while longer to cut together, but what has to be turned in for grading will be complete by June 8th. Here’s how it’s all going to break down. There are seven of us ultimately responsible for the outcome of this project. Collectively we’re trying to lock down locations and bang out a script withing the next two weeks so we can begin shooting as soon as possible. Each of the seven are responsible for shooting and editing at least twelve minutes worth of the over all whole, which will be turned in as their final assignment for the Digital Media Production class at the end of the semester. Once that’s complete, it will all go back to us at Rogue Bard Media to do a directors cut, secure background music we can use legally, and, hopefully, hustle some sort of distribution deal.

Sounds pretty insane doesn’t it? Well there’s actually a little more to go along with it. This week we will be shooting the bulk of “Can’t Get No Play,” a web series that’s been in pre-production for almost a year now. The original idea came about at the end of the semester last year, and the first scripted episode soon followed. Over the course of the summer and fall I laid out a story arc, which I initially estimated to run about nine episodes, but quickly escalated into fourteen episodes. We spent the bulk of the winter trying to nail down some cast members and locations, finalizing all but a few minor parts a few weeks ago. Tomorrow will be our first day of shooting, and we should have the bulk of the series wrapped up on Friday, with a handfull of small additional scenes to be shot in about a month when the trees get some leaves on them. So far we’re more or less on track to start releasing episodes in June according to my original plans.