So you may have noticed a new page up above the banner now that popped up as of a few days ago. You may have also noticed that it’s password protected. I’m sorry to say, if you don’t know what the password is now, you never will. That page has been set up for the class to read the project notes for our feature film, and contains contact information that doesn’t really need to be made public. So what is “Deathwatch?”

“Deathwatch” is the working title for our film set in metropolitan Detroit featuring the exploits of a crack team of paranormal phenomenon investigators who call themselves the Deathwatch. Joining the Rogue Bard Media crew on this endeavor will be the second semester students from the William D. Ford Career Technical Center’s Digital Media Production adult education program. The goal is simple, we all work together on the final assignment and instead of producing several short unrelated videos of lesser quality, we produce one full feature length film. Ultimately for grading purposes each student is responsible for shooting and editing an equal share of the whole, which will be turned in individually for their final assignment before the final exam.

Basically they are our guinea pigs for a program we want to implement in the future in conjunction with the school. And an eager bunch of test subjects they are.

As of tonight I’m submitting our project to hoping to raise a little money to help make this movie a reality. We’re not asking for much and with the help of our friends and family the money we raise will allow us to purchase some equipment that will improve the quality of the film, keep everyone fed, and pay for any other little incidentals that will inevitably come up over the course of shooting.