Yes, I realize this is coming two days late. No, I won’t apologize for it.

Sunday Awakenings burst on the scene of the Detroit School of Arts, for it’s first gathering in the new space. Good thing too, because Kuumba’s Cove is just too small to hold the number of people who turned up to celebrate Easter Sunday. Awakenings has been plugging the theme, “3D see beyond what you see.” for months and, as you can imagine, they rolled out the 3D glasses and some anaglyphs for the occasion. There was a brief stage performance, the content of which I couldn’t tell you since I was too busy snapping photos with my recently repaired camera, that seemed to go over well with the crowd. Speaking of photos, you can see them on our facebook page.

Awakenings new home looks like a good fit for the foreseeable future and opens up a lot more shooting options for photos and video.