The Grosse Ile Pilot House is a historical building constructed in 1929 to serve as barracks for naval reserve pilot cadets. It served in that role up until the base was closed in 1969. Since then most of the surrounding buildings that once made up the air base have been torn down or converted to other light industrial uses, leaving the Pilot House one of a handful of the original buildings still standing on the island. In 1981 the Pilot House was reopened with many of it’s rooms converted over to overnight and long term lodgings, and a banquet hall often used for weddings and other private events.

So right now you’re probably thinking ‘Okay, nice history lesson, but what does this have to do with Rogue Bard Media?’

I’m glad you asked. (You did ask right?) Jim, the owner of the Pilot House, has given us permission to come in and film “Deathwatch” in his wonderful place of business. Now that we have our main location squared away all that’s left to do is finish up the script and start shooting. Below is a video slideshow to show off two of our main locations. The first few are inside and around Kuumba’s Cove which will be serving as the office/HQ of the Deathwatch crew. The second group of all from The Pilot House, several of which include the owner Jim showing me around the place.

“Deathwatch” is coming folks, for better or worse, we’re about to shoot our first feature length film. With any luck this will become an annual event in conjunction with the Digital Media Production class at the William D. Ford Career Technical Center.