I just realized it’s been quite a while since I put up any updates about, well much of anything. To begin there are photo’s from this passed weekends Awakenings Movement if you’re into that sort of thing. We didn’t do a video for them last week, which is a good thing since we spent Thursday, Friday, and Sunday shooting roughly the first third of “Deathwatch.” We even have some fancy production stills done by ‘Captain’ Walker.

‘Deathwatch’ is progressing fairly well at this point with only a few minor hiccups putting us further behind than I would like at the moment. Everyone is doing a fairly good job considering the circumstances. The circumstances, of course, being an extremely short time frame to work within and less than adequate prep time. Things would be running quite a bit more smoothly right now if Dan and I had pitched the project to the teacher a month or so earlier than we did. Even so I think we’ll make it in under the wire just barely.

The end of the semester is fast approaching and I have penned a new and improved final exam for the course. The old exam was several years old and contained a lot of outdated, irrelevant, or not entirely accurate questions and answers that really needed to be removed. The new improved version is far from perfect, but at the very least the information is accurate and relevant to the class and the real world. There are a lot of things I still think need to be on the test, but if I put everything on there it would probably be close to three hundred questions instead of ninety-six. I suspect some of the class may not like me much after taking it, but the information is important to know if they ever want to get a career in the field.