Friday was one hell of a busy day for us, consisting of three different video shoots spread out across four different locations.

We started early in Canton and a friends house nailing down the the rest of one of our opening scenes which took the better part of three hours to complete. From there we rolled out to deliver photo’s to a client and nab some lunch, then off to the studio to knock out two more quick scenes. By quick I of course mean they spanned a little over four hours, during which I left the crew in Dan’s capable hands while I went to do a quick shoot for some fashion designers in their studio and then over to the deserted Wayne State campus where I met up with John Bell to do some word on the street interviews.

By the time I got back we were out of daylight to shoot the last scene I wanted to get before the day was out, which is fine because we also ran out of camera battery.

What do we have to show for all this madness? Well first and foremost we can now officially say we’re half done shooting “Deathwatch” and what we do have left is more or less entirely going to be at a single location. Second we have the video for Awakenings tomorrow. We also learned that plugging a Sony FX7 in and trying to run an external microphone doesn’t work because the AC connection causes feedback in the audio. All very valuable things if you ask me.