As usual we’re way behind schedule and the ‘Deathwatch’ deadline is approaching very quickly. We’re also down a student, which means more editing has to be spread out over the rest of the class. Add to this a  fistful of other complications and chances are we won’t actually be turning in the entire film for our assignment. We will still all be turning in our required 10+ minutes, but that will probably only cover the first two thirds of the entire film. Which is fine by me as long as we get the whole thing shot in time.

To that end we will be shooting the rest of the film at the Grosse Ile Pilot House Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and possibly Wednesday if we need to make up the time, which we almost certainly will. Hopefully Jessica doesn’t go into labor until after she does her part, but with that due date looming, it’s very likely the bun in the oven might through off our production schedule a bit. If nothing else it’s cool that I can put ‘Production Babies’ into the ending credits along with the little guys name.

Video and photos are up from Awakenings last Sunday. This week has been such a haze that I completely forgot about them until last night and I still didn’t get around to putting them up until this afternoon. A decent chunk of the photo’s this week are by the one and only ‘Captain’ Walker our resident intern and all around goofy bastard.

Also last Sunday we went to a benefit to raise money for our good friend Chico who, as I posted previously, has done a lot to make Rogue Bard Media what it is today. The New Way bar in Ferndale was more or less packed the entire time we were there, with things petering out around 11:30p.m. though I understand the whole thing went on till the place closed at 2a.m. Hopefully his recovery is speedy. Photo’s and videos will be up for the benefit some time in the future.