With only five and a half scenes remaining until we’re finished shooting ‘Deathwatch’ we’ve started moving into the editing phase of the project. So far there hasn’t been a ton of progress in this area, but this weekend should see about half of the over all whole finished and ready to be turned in for a grade. Unfortunately the scenes we’re missing are going to eat pretty heavily into the middle of a couple peoples assignments, but if we can nail it all in a day next week when the actress’s schedule opens up again, we shouldn’t have too much trouble getting everyone’s assignments done on time. Over the course of the summer the film will get a more thorough round of editing from me before we start trying to release it and book screenings.  Overall the project has been nuts, and really hasn’t offered time to do as much instruction as I would have liked during production. We would have benefited greatly from some actors who could learn, and more importantly deliver their lines, but hell there’s always room for a remake later if we can actually secure a budget of some sort. What’s important is that I know now what this process will be like, and whether or not it’s feasible for the future.