Since we spent the last week wrapping up everyone’s assignments for the end of class I’ve been neglecting the Awakenings Movement photos. June 5th and June 12th are up now if you’re into viewing that sort of thing. Class is over and everyone did fairly well cutting up their portions of ‘Deathwatch.’ We violated the no foul language rule pretty heavily, but I took the blame for it, so I don’t think anyone’s grade was negatively effected. We still have a day or so of shooting before we completely wrap production, sometime next week we need to nail down a few more scenes and then the real post production phase will begin.

We’ve also been neglecting ‘Can’t Get No Play’ due to this momentous film. As such we not only missed our intended release date, but are still only about half way through production and have made zero progress in post.  The new goal is to have the first few episodes ready to go live at the end of August.

Fun stuff going on all around, but I’m definitely looking forward to the vacation time coming up in a couple weeks. These last few months have been a nightmare cluster fuck of production from concept all the way through to finished assignments in the space of about six weeks. The important thing at this point is that we learned we can do it, and we will repeat it all over again next year. Hopefully next year we’ll have a bigger budget, some real actors, and most importantly of all 2-3 additional weeks to work on it.