Okay so I’ve mentioned before Chico, and the Benefit to help the guy out through some rough times. I finally got a chance to go through all the videos from the benefit and am happy to say I’ve posted them all to YouTube for viewing. First up I’d like to share my personal favorite from the night.

In an effort to save space and not blow up anyone’s browser I’m just going to post links to all the other ones below. Several of them do not have names associated with them. If you know who these people are, or in fact are these people, let me know and I will label them appropriately. Also if any of you folks would like me to add any additional information to the videos below, such as websites or contact information, please let me know and I’d be happy to accommodate you.

Joe Kidd and John JaunBridget ElkinsChicoDavid RossiterDiane DeCillisHoward Glazer and the EL-34’s

Joy Gaines FriedlerLittle Arthur & Co.Shiela BurkeStan Rogers & Co. – Susan Sunshine Earth PoetTricia Lloyd

(Insert Musician’s Name Here) (Insert Woman’s Name Here) (Insert Guy’s Name Here)

As you can see there is a pretty long list of talented people who turned out and I’m sorry to say I didn’t have the constitution to stay the whole night so there were probably several more who I didn’t get to listen to or record as the night drew on. I’m very pleased to be able to count myself amongst Chico’s friends and I look forward to his speedy recovery so we can continue following him on his quest to provide awesome nights of entertainment for low low prices in the Metro Detroit Area.