For the last week we’ve been engaged in a film competition with our frequent partner Michael Williams at Madonna University. Project Accessible Hollywood (PAH) is a film festival that travels the country and places beyond putting film making in the hands of regular folks looking to tell a story. This is the fifth PAH Fest held at Madonna University and our second year competing in the Mobi Flicks competition.

Yes, I know we aren’t exactly ‘regular folks’ but you know what, we have stories to tell too. If they didn’t want us here they wouldn’t keep asking us to come back.

Anyway, there are a lot of different competitions at PAH, and I couldn’t tell you what any of them are, but the majority of them involve shooting a couple minutes of video using either cell phones or flip cameras with little to no editing. The sound is rough, but it’s usually pretty interesting to see what kids come up with. For the last two years we’ve been too busy with the Mobiflicks to have time to see any of what else is going on around here while we’re locked up in a suite editing and running around like crazy shooting the video.

Mobiflicks is a week long competition which only five teams are selected to create a video with a duration no longer than six minutes. Last year it was pretty rough on us, but thanks to Diallo of Awakenings Movement, we do that shit on a weekly basis now. In other words we got done plenty early and if I wasn’t sick on Thursday we probably would have been done even sooner. Anyway, we got our coach, we got our gear, we got some dope beats from Lucius McManus, and we rolled out to show people that Detroit isn’t the warzone the rest of the world believes it to be.

Of course we didn’t win, and I’ll be honest I’m not really surprised, but even though we didn’t win we did get a very strong reaction from the crowd, which is all we could really hope for. It isn’t about winning and losing, it’s about telling a story and moving people, and everyone who participated accomplished that. Congratulations to the winners, and good job to all the others out there. We’ll see you next year.