If you look up at the top of the page you’ll notice some things have changed in the last week. Most notably the link to the “Class Project: Deathwatch” is gone. In fact the entire page is gone not just the link. Deathwatch, our first feature length film for those who don’t know or remember, nearly wrapped shooting almost two months ago. Unfortunately we ran into a ton of scheduling conflicts as soon as our class ended for the summer and the final few scenes we need to shoot may never actually get finished. We haven’t had a whole lot of luck getting in touch with the rest of the crew since class ended, and rumor is one of our leading men may have actually enlisted and shipped out without bothering to tell anyone. As a result the project is kinda in limbo right now while we figure out what we’re going to do with a ninety percent shot movie missing the crucial ten percent that makes the other ninety percent make sense. Either way the need for the page is long past and it was about time we took it down.

In it’s place there are actually two new pages. The first is a page to promote the things we have available for sale. Right now what we have to offer is primarily art prints, T shirts, and some stickers designed by Krystal. There’s about twenty different designs up there right now and she adds new things pretty frequently. In addition to that we also have our first DVD, “Basketball Basics with Dan Brooks” which was produced in conjunction with Dan Brooks, assistant coach for the women’s basketball team at Madonna University. I’m not a huge player of basketball, but the guy definitely knows his stuff and the students he coaches on the side often go on to spots on college teams. If basketball is your thing it’s well worth taking a look at.

The second page is our demo reel and a list of some of our recent clients. We’ve needed a demo reel for a long time and I finally got around to putting one together and putting it up for the world to see. It doesn’t include any of our live event work, but really that’s secondary to what we really focus on.

In the next few weeks we’ll be jumping back into production of “Can’t Get No Play” again. Thanks to “Deathwatch” we really got derailed on this project and way off the release schedule I originally had planned. I can’t say I’m surprised really, a feature film is a huge project, there really wasn’t any room left over for working on anything else during that span, and afterward we went on vacation and got tied up in PAH Fest. Next thing I know it’s almost August and I’m trying to figure out where the last four months went. I know Dave ‘Captain’ Walker has been eager to start shooting again. Hopefully shooting will be wrapped up in the next month and we’ll be well into editing the series by the end of August. Ideally we’ll be looking at releasing the first episode around mid September.

Here end’s the wall of text.