I don’t use AIM much anymore, I think I have all of three friends who still use it and their schedules and mine rarely mesh to the point we are signed in at the same time. One of the few things I do enjoy about it though s when the occasional spam bot decides to message me and try to get me to go to a porn site.

See, I like to see how elaborate they are. I like to see if they are just a string of preset phrases that stops once you’ve hit the end, or if they are designed with preset responses to key words. For instance, the one that messaged me last night was the more advanced kind. When I asked it if it was paying attention to what I was saying it responded with, “I assure you they only need your credit card information to verify your age. It’s free to watch my show.” See what it did there? I used to the pay, and it assumed I was talking about the site wanting my credit card information. That’s high quality right there. I bet the spam bot advertising company charges like fifty extra bucks for that kind of functionality. Too bad it had no idea how to respond when I challenged it do a duel; pistols at sunrise.