This is my first post to the Rogue Bard blog, so- hello! I’m Krystal, and I handle a lot of the art and design elements for Rogue Bard Media. I pitch in to design t-shirts and stickers, make logos for things, and draw storyboards. I’ve also been known to hold a camera on occasion, but only when there is absolutely, positively no one else who’s around to do it instead. My specialty is drawing and painting.

Fyl has posted before showcasing our RedBubble site, which features my art and designs. I’m embarking on a new series of portraits done in pencil, depicting gods and goddesses from around the world. However, they will all be in Victorian costume, as if they were lifted from a photograph from the 1800s. I’ve already done a portrait of the Egyptian goddess Taweret. Here’s my latest entry to the series, Odin:

He’s dressed as a general from the Victorian era, but there are several allusions to his true identity. He wears an eyepatch and an unusually long beard, there are magical symbols adorning the medals he wears, and his ravens, Huginn and Muninn, are perched at the top of the frame.

Purchase a print here.

There will be more art coming soon!