There are, by my reckoning, twelve scenes remaining before we wrap shooting “Can’t Get No Play.” We had a pretty good day of shooting with “The Captain” and Josh who we’ve never actually worked with before today. Both of them did an excellent job learning and delivering their lines and we nailed down five scenes in the space of about two hours. Not too bad for only a few hours work. We would have gotten more done if not for the unfortunate car accident Josh’s friend got into requiring us to take Josh home earlier than planned. Hopefully his friend is doing alright and we’ll be able to reschedule the rest of his scenes sometime next week.

Saturday we will be attending the “Show Some Love” block party on Iron St. and Jefferson in Detroit where, if it hasn’t been canceled, we will be screening some of our videos from the past year or so. Jeffery Bryant Photography will be there taking portraits during the event, and several musicians will be on stage blowing the roof off, or whatever it is musicians do these days.