About once every three weeks or so I realize I haven’t properly backed up the last three weeks or more worth of videos and photos. This leads in to devoting the better part of a day to arranging and transferring between thirty and sixty gigabytes worth of data across two separate external hard drives. Both of the external drives have a two terabyte capacity, and you’d think drives that big would last a real long time, but you’d be wrong. I got these drive around the beginning of the year and I’ll be lucky if they last me through to the end of the year before they are full.

I’ve been debating whether or not it would be worth while to invest in a quad layer Blu-ray burner and start archiving things onto discs that can be stored away instead of amassing a ton of external drives. The upshot to them is a disc, as long as it’s properly stored, won’t just flat out fail after a while like a hard drive will. The downside is you have to meticulously catalog the things so that you know where all your data is in case you need to access it. In the long run discs are probably going to be a lot more expensive as well. I’m not sure what quad layer blu-ray discs cost these days, but you’d need twenty of them to back up an entire two terabyte hard drive, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re talking about spending just as much or more on discs than the cost of two new drives. Time is also a factor. I don’t have any experience with burning Blu-ray discs, but I imagine it takes quite a while to burn that much to a disc.

Once the price on flash memory based hard drives comes down to a more reasonable price it won’t be so much of a problem. Due to their much slimmer failure rate they practically eliminate then need to have two copies of everything. Almost makes me wish I was still using tape based cameras. Almost, but not quite.