For some time now. Probably a good six months or so a little gem of a project has been simmering behind the scenes here at Rogue Bard Media. Daune Smith, frequent co-conspirator and long time supporter, wrote a song a while back called Zoom Gali Gali about an eccentric fellow and his weird views of the world around him. From the minute I heard her perform it back in December of 2010 I had an overriding goal. Make a music video for the song… with puppets.

Luckily Daune pretty much had the same idea so when I approached her with the idea she was beside herself with joy. Since then we’ve been kicking around ideas, designs, concept sketches until around last week when I finally finished crunching numbers and today we have launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make this video a reality. The goal is $6556 to put together the puppets, shoot the video, do post production, and fulfill all the backer rewards. What kind of rewards you ask?

Well there’s posters, t-shirts, custom USB drives with Zoom Gali Gali’s name emblazoned across them, little dolls, and… are you sitting down? You might want to sit down for this one. Ready? Okay. Your very own puppet made in your image that will make a cameo appearance in the video itself. That’s right, we will puppetize you, put you in the video, and after we’re done we’ll even pack your little felt simulacrum into a box and send it to you so you can brag to all your friends about how you were in a music video and have the puppet to prove it.

So please do us a huge favor and take a look at our latest Kickstarter project page, back us if you’re interested. And more importantly pass it along to your friends and family. You never know. You might not be interested, but someone you know may have always wanted to be immortalized in a music video as a puppet.