Awakenings Movement has a new web site rolling out soon to coincide with their move to a new venue on September 24th and as a result of these two events we have been tasked with putting together roughly thirty videos for the church over the course of the next month. From a raw numbers stand point it sounds like a tone of work, but in reality twenty-one of those videos are simple talking heads with a duration of about a minute and a half which require very little in terms of editing. These will be released daily for the twenty one days leading up to the 24th.

In addition to what Diallo has us working on we will be shooting a bunch of additional original videos on Wednesday and Thursday including some more of “Can’t Get No Play.” We had yet another casting issue come up, so instead of recasting the part for the fourth time and re-shooting the five scenes already shot with that character. We’re just writing that character out of the remaining four scenes he was supposed to appear in. The plot what it is and all it may be for the best this way. Hopefully if we ever do a second season of the series we’ll be able to get our actor back for a few days to properly write the character out of the show entirely.

Oh and we’re also going to break Grigor out of his coffin and start doing some videos with him as well in the near future. If you don’t know who Grigor is, you’ll find out here pretty soon.