The other day my daughter, after clicking randomly for who knows how long, found a contest of the Disney website and came running out of her room to get me. It’s not uncommon for her to find something on a website and excitedly come find me so this was probably my fifth trip into the room to look at something that day. The Princess Moment contest is limited to children no older than twelves years old and to enter you must record a short video, no longer than 45 seconds, of your child dressing up as a princess and singing, dancing, acting out a scene from one of the Disney films, or whatever other performance you can come up with. Obviously they had me at “submit a video.” In case you haven’t noticed, this is precisely the sort of thing we do at Rogue Bard Media.

First thing I did was look through and watch some of the other entries. About 90% of them consist of a little girl, some in costume,  singing and dancing in their kitchens and living-rooms while someone, presumably their parents, records them with their phones in terrible light. After seeing all this I said to Krystal “We need to step this up a notch. This needs to be the most ridiculous, over produced, crazy video entered into this contest. I want other parents to look at our video and feel like they failed their children.” Maybe that makes me an ass hole. I like to think it just means I have high standards.

Unfortunately the deadline is Monday, so we had to scale back my original plans a little, but last night we rolled up to Kuumba’s Cove and shot the girls in front of the green screen so we can drop into into some hand drawn scenes that go along with the words to “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled. Are we going overboard? Yeah, probably, but my mom really wants to win that trip to London, my daughter really wanted to make a video, and I just want to create something worth watching. If it net’s us a little exposure and/or a trip to London, who am I to argue. Shit my daughters will be happy if they walk away with a “Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle.

I know you all want to see the video. I’ll post the link to it when it’s finished.