Yesterday I sent Amazon a copy of the DVD we’ll have for sale here once we get through the set up process. Back in March, I believe it was March, we shot a short workout video with Charles from Diesel Boot Camp and after letting it sit on the shelf for a few months while scraping together spare money for some hardware upgrades I finally got the thing finished about a month ago. I finally got a chance to sit down with Charles a few days ago and discuss what we’re going to do with the video and he was 100% behind the idea of letting us sell it online through our site and Amazon under the terms we established with Dan Brooks and his Basketball Basics DVD we produced with him earlier this year.

The video itself is an intense, but simple, set of  exercises easily done in the home without needing any additional props. I haven’t tried it myself, but after sitting through one of his classes, and then shooting the video itself, it looks like it’ll get results if you keep at it. Keep your eye’s peeled, it’s coming soon not only here, but in as many shops as we can find who are willing to keep some on hand and sell to their customers.