I’m not sure how often I’ve brought Grigor up in the past, but yesterday we took the little fellow out to shoot some videos which we’ll put out here in a couple weeks give or take. While we were out Grigor decided to do some drinking and passed out for a little while giving us opportunity to snap off a few photos of him in his natural element.

We stitched Grigor together almost four years ago after his long time cameo appearances in our long running Iron Kingdoms role playing campaign. Originally he was supposed to star in a series of videos about the Warmachine and hordes miniatures games which are also set in the Iron Kingdoms from which he hails. Unfortunately we never got those videos off the ground before we lost interest in the games themselves. Since then Grigor has spent a lot of time inside a plastic box with assorted other props just waiting to be used. If things go well this will mark the beginning of his career appearing in videos.