For the holiday season Awakenings Movement Church is doing something special for the kids in the neighborhood. Over the last month they’ve been trying to raise money to buy bikes with the intention of giving them to kids in the Midtown Detroit community during their Christmas Eve service on Saturday. As part of this fund raising effort Kuumba’s Cove hosted a fundraiser poetry night with the proceeds going toward the purchase of bikes. Naturally we at Rogue Bard Media were on hand to record the poets and snap some photos. After all, that’s what we do, and Kuumba’s Cove is our home away from home. Though the turn out wasn’t the greatest, a few new faces joined the old favorites to put  on a great show some of which I”ll share with you now.

Kicking the night off strong, crowd favorite, Caesar was first to step up the the mic and set precedent for a night full of talent to follow.

Fara Moan is a regular supporter of poetry nights at Kuumba’s Cove and a pleasure to hear as always.

Host for the night, Lucky Lefty, handled the job with little problem at all and took the time to abuse his power and drop a quick piece for the enjoyment of the crowd.

That’s all we have for you today. The back two thirds of the show, including a reading by our very own Captain Walker, as well as some photos will be posted over the next couple days.