Seeing as today is the last day of 2011 it seems only fitting to dust off the text file where we laid out the goals for 2011 and see how things stand. At the top of the list is complete our first web series, “Can’t Get No Play” and have it ready to go live by June 1st. This one was a big flop. We had to cast and re-cast parts so often there are still a handful of scenes that need to be shot. This project is pretty much a text book case of what happens when you’re asking people to give up their time without being able to pay them. Things constantly pop up and next thing you know you’re months past when you expected the have the whole thing finished still waiting for the stars to align and someone to find time to fill the roles. I’d like to say we’re going to wrap up the rest of the shooting in early 2012 and start putting the videos up in the spring, but realistically I know we’ll be lucky to get it done by the fall, if at all next year.

Second on the list we had “Monday Zen.” If you’ve been checking us out on Mondays for the last fourteen weeks, then you know we knocked this one out. Monday Zen started as a way to deliver some of the more humorous things we pass off as wisdom to the masses and expanded from there to include actual zen phrases with an occasional bit of wisdom from other sources slipping in as well.

Next on the list is “Produce twelve short videos by years end.” This one is a little on the fuzzy side. We actually completed more like forty videos over the course of the year, but many of them were done for Awakenings Movement. If you count only the ones we initiated ourselves the total is only seven, the majority of which have not made their way on to Youtube yet. It’s not like we ran out of ideas or anything, far from it really, but paid work and personal issues just kept popping up every time we made plans to go ahead with something. Considering all the other videos we did do over the course of the year it’s hard feel bad about not living up to this one though.

Second to last on the list is, “enter at least six short film festivals or competitions this year.” Not a lofty goal by any means. If we had the time and resources we probably could have hit one or more each month over the course of the year. It’s that resources part that is the real problem. We maintained a pretty steady, if meager, amount of paid work this year that unfortunately wasn’t really enough to pay everyone and have money left over to put into putting together competitive projects for contests. What’s the point of entering a competition if you can’t at least get some decent actors after all?

Last on the list is “set up art and photo print sales.” This is another one we accomplished fairly early in the year. Krystal, who spends a lot of time doing story boards for us, has been fairly busy this year with paintings and drawings on top of the occasional designs I’ve dropped on her and we spent a lot of time going through all the various sites that let you sell your art work on line trying to find one what suited our needs. We finally settled on Red Bubble, and while we haven’t seen a ton of sales yet, we’re seeing a decent amount considering we haven’t put a ton of effort into advertising either.

So we didn’t do too bad as far as the goals go for the year. Especially when you take into account the two major things that rose up to consume a lot of our time this year. First and foremost was “Deathwatch,” our first feature film currently in post production. Considering we zoomed through pre-production in about three weeks, production in about seven days spread out over three weeks, and had pretty much zero budget to speak of, I think it’s going to turn out pretty decent. I’m hoping to have that monster wrapped up by the spring, but it’s entirely dependent on how much work we end up doing for clients in the coming months.

Back in September we were presented with an opportunity to receive a grant from the state to expand Rogue Bard Media into a bigger more profitable business. This included putting a business consultant at our disposal and the whole process involved a lot of time and research into what we needed to expand. While we have been approved for the grant, we’re still jumping through a lot of hoops to actually receive the funds. Hopefully over the next month or so we will get that all ironed out and we will be moving into some bigger projects.