Today marks the third Friday of the month and a first here at Rogue Bard Media, LLC. Today is the first day we drop an original short video on the new schedule we set out to adhere to for 2012 and, if things continue going well, well into the future.

Last summer my parents built a ridiculously large play house in their backyard for my children. When I say ridiculous I mean three grown men can stand up inside the thing with room for one or too more people before it becomes really truly cramped inside this thing. It’s a monster, and more importantly it was just begging to have a video shot in it. It didn’t take long to come up with some equally silly concepts and bang out a quick script.

The most difficult part of this shoot was getting my daughter to co-operate at the end of it. In hind sight it might have been funnier to have my wife come in at the end instead and kick us out. There’s always opportunity for that later because we fully intend to utilize the thing to make a few more videos in the future. We already have one concept we’re fleshing out and just waiting for the weather to be right, and another possibility we’ve been kicking around, which means we’re probably looking at a Man Cave trilogy before we’re through stealing it from the children for our own nefarious purposes.