This past weekend I shot an 80th birthday party and the photos turned out pretty good, up until the auto focus sensor crapped out and I couldn’t get anything in focus anymore anyway. While I won’t bore you with photos of an old man enjoying a party with friends, I did take the opportunity to nab a few “art” shots that you might find interesting too look at.

The first two I snapped off because I wanted to see how shallow the depth of field could get on the new lens I was shooting with. I figured the billiards table was just asking to be shot set up like it was with super shallow depth of field. I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.

The other three are just close ups on a bunch of balloons, but I think the color clash is interesting. Toward the end of the party some of the children wandered around the room gathering up all the balloons to play with. The end result? A four year old girl wandering around with a trail of about seventy balloons behind her. We tried to get some of her peeking through the balloons, but by then the auto focus had crapped out on me and I just wasn’t having a whole lot of luck with manual.