Hello, Krystal again with more random art.

Okay, it turns out it took a bit longer to color this in Photoshop than I thought it would. PAINTING WITH A MOUSE IS HARD, YO. Someone needs to buy me a tablet.

This is Raffles and Bunny, from “The Amateur Cracksman” by E.W. Hornung. Hornung was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brother-in-law, and created these guys as a sort of anti-Holmes-and-Watson. I haven’t made it through all the stories yet, but I can tell you this much: you know how there’s some subtext between Holmes and Watson? With Raffles and Bunny, there is no subtext. THERE IS JUST TEXT. Hand-holding and diamond-thieving and tiara-wearing and blatant jealousy whenever a woman appears on the scene and glittering eyes and yet more hand holding…

I could go on. Seriously. Considering this was the Victorian era, these guys do everything short of sport green carnations in a show of blatant love for one another. I just love them. They’re fantastic. XD Raffles just seems like the kind of guy who would dance about in stolen jewels and spontaneously yell “CATCH ME, BUNNY!” and do a ballet-style leap at him.

Also, I picture them as Simon and Nathan from “Misfits,” but in frock-coats instead of orange jump-suits. They to fit their descriptions perfectly. Hopefully that comes through in the drawing.

This one isn’t going up for sale, by the way. I just did it for fun. ^_^