I’m starting a new thing here and we’ll see how well it goes over. What’s the new thing? I’m finding a project on Kickstarter, backing it, and writing about it. This week I’ve chosen…

The What of It:

Superluminous is, or I suppose it is more correct to say will be, a sci-fi noir graphic novel about a hard bitten private detective and a young hacker trying to find out why his sister was brutally murdered. I don’t know about you but I love science fiction and this sounds like a good read to me even if the art blows. If the artwork shown in the video is any indication this book will feature some good artwork so there’s no need to worry about it being visually crap.

The Who of It:

The artwork will be done by a fellow named Benjamin Sawyer and you can find more of his work here. He’s a full time freelance artist and seems to be making a good go of it so I think he knows full well what he’s getting himself into with this project.

The story is written by a Norwegian fellow named Fredrik Brennemoe Buer. The kickstarter page doesn’t have any links to anything he’s done in the past, but if he’s written a script that convinced a freelancer to drop everything for six months to work on a project with him I think that’s proof enough that he has some talent.

The Why of It:

Really the first image upon loading up the screen already sold me on the project. It would have taken an extraordinarily bad video and pitch on the rest of the page to turn me away from backing these guys. Instead I got a story treatment I can get behind and a video that was, aside from some sound issues, very well put together compared to some of the other videos I’ve seen attached to projects. I’ll be honest, when it comes to project videos I tend to avoid them simply because I was trained to be, and remain, extremely critical of the medium. I make videos for a living and a really bad one for a project I’m on the fence about will turn me away real quick. Maybe that’s a personal issue I need to work through, but until I do it means the difference between seeing my money back a project and that money staying in my pocket or backing someone else’s dream.

As a final note, I take no responsibility for the success or failure of this project. If you choose to follow suit and back them like I have and they fail to deliver please don’t try to hold me accountable. Backing projects on Kickstarter will always be a risk. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk.

So there you have it. A new thing I’m going to start doing. What do you think of the format? Should I keep doing them broken down this way? Should I keep doing them at all?