Today we’re going to talk about

The What of it:

Outlander Epsilon is a film project about the crew of a ship and their attempts to deliver a dangerous criminal to justice on a Capital planet. One of the goals of the creators is to reuse and recycle objects by turning them into props and set pieces. They already have some of the ships and other props constructed, but they need a little kick of extra funding for things like paying actors and getting permits. It’s not easy making a film and it’s definitely not cheap.

The Who of it:

The project is run by Sterling Smith out of Flagstaff, AZ and he’s been doing independent film since 2005. He’s even managed to win some awards in that time, though I wasn’t able to find any information about what those awards were. You can check out some of his other work on his YouTube channel. I checked out a couple of them, and while the effects are pretty cheesy, the concepts and stories were pretty amusing.

The Why of it:

Well I’m a film maker myself so of course I understand what it’s like to try putting together a larger project like this and trying to find the money to make it happen. The story a sounds interesting and I’m all about reusing junk to make space ships and other props out of. I’ve done my share of junk builds myself, so I respect anyone who goes for that look instead of spending a fortune to have something custom made. From what I’ve seen on the guys YouTube channel Sterling is good at putting together a story and shooting it, and I’m interested in seeing what he can put together with a little money and talent behind a project instead of one with friends and family press ganged into service.