This weeks pick for a Kickstarter project to back is “Skywings: Exodus”

The What of it: Skywings promises to be the mecha story all us giant robot lovers have wanted for decades. It’s the story of a young boy who is orphaned when he loses his father and his journey to become a respected and decorated mecha pilot. All of this in a live action film the likes of which has never really been done before. According to the Kickstarter page they’ve done all their pre-production work and the post production scheduling. The only thing that remains now is raising the budget to move into production.

The Who of it: Unfortunately there isn’t much to go on about the man behind the project. According to his Kickstarter profile his name is Fredrick Park and either is attending or has attended USC’s graduate film school. Unfortunately he hasn’t provided any sort of links to previous works or anything, so it’s hard to judge his qualifications.

The Why of it: This is pretty simple. I love giant robots. I want to one day do my own giant robot film. If this guy pulls off what he’s planning I think it’s going to be great. More importantly it’ll give me a bar to shoot for when I too one day set out to do something similar.