The What of it: Cold Fusion  is an old school sixteen bit style role playing game built using the RPG Maker XP game design program. It will feature an expansive old west/steampunk inspired post apocalyptic world with tons of quests with multiple solutions to each problem. The storys cut scenes will be shown through beautiful hand drawn illustrations combined with voice acting for the characters to add depth and demension to the other wise limited graphical presentation. Better yet, despite being built on the RPG Maker XP engine, all the graphics will be original works not the basic RTP graphics included with RPG Maker.

The Who of it: There is actually a pretty big group of people behind this project and listed on the Kickstarter page. First off is Dustin Gleaves who is heading  up the project. Dustin has worked as a playtester for several big industry games as well has producer two full length amateur RPG’s. He’s a student of environmental sciences with a focus on climate change. It is his background in environmental science that provides the inspiration for the very real possibilities that shaped the post apocalyptic word of Cold Fusion.

The next person on the roster is Gemma Woodhouse who is an avid steam punk enthusiast and has even won some awards for her costume and jewelry designs. If you’re at all into steam punk I highly recommend you take a look at her work. Gemma also has a background in environmental science and climate change and will be adding her perspective on potential real world problems that could arise in the near future as well as possible solutions.

The illustrations for the cut scenes will be done by Diego Candia. I don’t know what to say about this guy other than his work is nothing short of amazing. Take a look at his work and you’ll see what I mean.

The final member of the team is composer Will Phillips (AKA Willy Mojo.) He’s been composing music for small projects like this one for over ten years and has done some great stuff. I’ve listened to all his tracks available on sound cloud several times and I can honestly say there’s not a single one I don’t care for.

The Why of it: Having myself had a whirlwind love affair with RPG Maker over a decade ago I have a lot of respect for anyone who creates a game. Apparently these guys have gotten some hate for using RPG Maker, but I suspect it all comes from people who’ve never tried it themselves and don’t understand how much you can do with the relatively simple tools it provides. The team behind this project seems pretty solid and knowledgeable about what they’re getting themselves into so I have little doubt they can make this game happen. Plus I’ll get behind just about anything post apocalyptic. Add in a steampunk aesthetic on top and you’re definitely talking my language.

As always it’s important to remember that backing projects on Kickstarter is a gamble. It’s up to you to decide if you think it’s worth the risk of losing some money if the projects creators can’t deliver.