The What of it: Pon and Zi are a couple of little fellows who are very much in love and the goal of this project is to bring them from their web comic home to a high quality printed art book. There are some excellent rewards available including a pair of resin statues sculpted and cast by the comics creator and various pieces of one of a kind never going to be available anywhere else art work. The comic has been around since 2004 and has a strong fan base who have wanted an art book for a long time.

The Who of it: The man behind this glorious project is Jeff Thomas. While there is little information to be found about him on the Kickstarter page itself if you click on the links you can find more of his work on deviant art and a longer bio on the Pon and Zi site itself. He’s a young illustration major in college and he’s already developed a pretty distinct style that makes up the majority of the work I’ve seen.

The Why of it: I find a lot of the comics to be incredibly sappy and cheesy and normally I’m not into that sort of thing, but I read through all the comics and I’d be lying if I claimed none of them resonated with me. I can see the appeal. What I do really like is the deliberate lack of gender assigned to the characters so that anyone can relate with them easily. I’d bet if this guy devoted more time to Pon and Zi instead of looking at them as nothing more than a side project he could probably make a good living off it.

As always backing projects on Kickstarter is always a gamble and just because I’ve personally chosen to back this project doesn’t mean you have to or that you can hold us responsible if something goes wrong. If you’re interested in backing this project Head over to Kickstarter and check it out further.