This week we’re going to take a look at “The Spirit Machine.”

The What of it: The Spirit Machine is a short film, approximately 40 minutes long, about a young girl who desperately misses her deceased mother and her father who just cannot seem to connect with her. Together they go looking for a mysterious device created by Thomas Edison that allows you to communicate with the dead. The device itself is based on an article published in 1920 in which Edison claimed to be developing the means to communicate with the dead. If he was such a device never saw the light of day and it is widely debated whether or not it was just a hoax.

The Who of it: There is a very long list of people involved in this project with experience working on films like Iron Man and Paul, or national commercials for the NBA, Nintendo, and Cheetos. Too long, in fact, to list them all here. The main man behind the project, however, is Timothy Plain who has spent the last six years working as a producer for over two hundred commercials ranging from big budget national ads to zero budget projects for smaller companies. In addition to this he has written and produced three short films and written four feature length screenplays.

The Why of it: I find the concept for this film very interesting. It promises to feature an array of old steam punk inspired traps and devices from a by gone age. The crew has a stunning background in the industry so I have no doubt what so ever that they can and will deliver on this project. Check them out and see if it’s the sort of thing you’re interested in helping bring to life.

As always remember that backing a project on Kickstarter is always a gamble. Don’t back projects with money you can’t afford to lose should the project fail.