If you’ve been with us for a long while then you’re probably familiar with PAH Fest, but for the rest of you here’s a run down. A few years ago Christopher Coppola got the idea to put film making into the hands of regular every day people. The logic behind this is pretty simple. Everyone, he figured, has that one great story to tell, but they don’t have the means to turn it into a video. By providing equipment and guidance in the form of coaches, PAH Fest provides a chance for these stories to be told. Since it’s inception PAH (Public Accessible Hollywood) has grown to about a dozen annual festivals nationwide and a couple outside the country as well. The festival consists of several small contests shot with cell phones and the main event, Mobiflicks, in which five teams are selected to make their film over the course of a week.

For the third year in a row we have been selected as one of five teams to compete in the Mobiflicks competition. Starting tomorrow we will be heading out to tell the story of Chico, a good friend of ours here at Rogue Bard Media, who was diagnosed with cancer early last year and how he was able to beat it and get back on his feet. We’re looking forward to putting this video together and sharing it with the world, hopefully bringing hope and inspiration to others out there facing the big C  themselves. With enough positive energy and a will to live it is possible to beat it, it’s  all about believing and finding the right place to get treatment.