Well we’re two day into PAH Fest and have the majority of our shooting done. We have one more interview to do tomorrow evening then we well settle in Thursday and Friday to put the film together. So far everyone has been very supportive of our goal to capture the story of Chico’s recovery and share it with the rest of the world. So far what we’ve taken away from all our interviews is just how important it is to have a positive attitude when dealing with a serious or life threatening illness.

We haven’t had much trouble with the process of shooting aside from a brief moment of fear that we were going to be stuck using Final Cut X to edit with and earlier today for about five minutes the camera refused to to turn on for some reason. Luckily with a little persistence we were able to coax it back to life and captured our last interview for the day. I don’t anticipate any real issues popping up in the editing stage, although we have noticed some inconsistency in the sound volume when working with the wireless microphones we were loaned out for the festival. The more I work with wireless microphones the less I’m inclined to work with them in the future. Wires may be more cumbersome, but they tend to be more reliable as well.

In any case the film should be finished and ready for everyone to see come Saturday.