I’ve been working on the poster art for Deathwatch for the past week, and I’d hoped it would be finished in time for Wednesday Art, but alas, it was not meant to be. Soooo close, though. Maybe in a day or two.

Instead, here’s a character model sheet I drew in preparation for “The Mile-High Cup,” my upcoming webcomic! Her name is Bunny (named after Raffles and Bunny of “Amateur Cracksman” fame). She’s a nerd, a witch, and an introvert.

“The Mile-High Cup” is about a group of people working in a coffee shop in an airport, and the strange things that happen there. There will be antics. And oh, they will be wacky. I’ll be using the Rogue Blog starting this August to host it, until we can afford my own page for it.

Are you excited? I’m excited.