This week we’re going to take a look at “Jack Houston and the Necronauts”

The What of it: Jack Houston is a point and click adventure through back to a bygone age of computer gaming. Dolled up in pulp science fiction aesthetics, Jack Houston boards a ship bound to explore the surface of the planet Venus only for the ship to suffer catastrophic failure and crash land in an ocean. He awakes one thousand years later on an alien world ruled by an evil god who can animate the dead. The planets numerous and deadly creatures will be stop motion animated in order to give them that 50’s sci-fi feel we all know and love.


The Who of it: This is another project with a pretty full roster of artists and other talent working on it. Heading up the project is Stacy Davidson. Stacy has spent the last eleven years producing films with his production company Odyssee Pictures. He also have a strong background in game design and testing. In addition to Stacy there are a whole slew of concept and effects artists working on the project as well as an award winning composer.

The Why of it: I’ll be honest, when I first watched the video I found it to be incredibly cheesy and lame. About a third of the way in, however, it sufficiently piqued my interest enough to continue watching. It didn’t take much more to sink it’s hooks into me. After reading through the rest of their pitch I found they are also believers in the Kicking It Forward movement within the Kickstarter community. Since I do ascribe to that movement it gave me that much more reason to get behind the project. I only wish I could afford to shell out the big bucks for some of their unique and awesome high level backer rewards.

As always remember that backing a project on Kickstarter is always a gamble. Don’t back projects with money you can’t afford to lose should the project fail.