This week I’ve decided to back Wicked Crush.

The What of it: Wicked Crush is a 2d platformer in the vein of the old Megaman and Castlevania games with additional online components that involve other players from the world over. At least it will be if the project get’s fully funded by August 15th. How does it engage other players you ask? Well, besides playing through dungeon levels by yourself, another key component to the game play is designing levels for other people to play. When you venture into the dungeon you will actually be playing levels designed by others, and how well or bad you do will determine not only the rewards you reap for your own character, but also what sort of bonus the levels designer receives for you playing it. If you do well their character receives a small payout, but if you die the pay out is much larger. This rewards players for designing challenging levels, and while this may seem open to abuse, there will be safe guards in place to ensure that any given player designed level isn’t impossible to complete.

The Who of it:  The project is headed by Billy Monks who is doing all the heavy lifting as programmer and designer. According to the video he’s worked on several other games in the past, though I wasn’t able to find any information about any of them. All the games animation is handled by Ryan Miller who has five years of industry experience, including work on a game called Skull Girls. In addition several musicians and voice actors are on board to ensure the game sounds as good as it looks.

The Why of it: The game play demo looks pretty nifty and the concept of community generated levels sounds great to me. The team seems to have a pretty good grasp of what they’re getting into as well. The fact that they are part of the Kicking it Forward movement is always a bonus in my book too. I’m very interested in playing this game once it comes out, and with an endless supply of levels from the community I think it’ll have a long self life as something you can just pick up at any time and have some fun with without having to remember where you left off, or start all over again.